Being the youngest of four kids, I was forever reinventing hand-me-downs from my brother and sisters and working with what we had. Add that to my parents love of antiques and collecting, and that pretty much sums up the roots of my artwork. I believe the vintage items I use in my work truly have a soul and I love to imagine their past. Many items I find, I may not even know what their purpose with be, I just go with my instinct and figure it out later. I specialize in mosaic and mixed media work and am most often inspired by my love of animals and nature. I am a self-taught artist, with a degree in Advertising/PR from Marywood University, which helps me tremendously with the business side of our work. Luckily, Dave is a carpenter by trade and has taught me to use just about every power tool we own. Thankfully, we work well together, have fun with what we do, and meet the most incredible people along the way.


In the beginning, Dave was mostly on the sidelines, offering his endless support and of course, being a huge help when something needed to be built or repaired. These days, he plays a major role in the business, making nearly all of of our silverware items – from jewelry and wind chimes to leash hooks and wedding forks. He has done countless custom stamping orders, often while the customer waits, at the shop or even a show. His attention to detail and craftsmanship is unsurpassed (most likely from building houses for a living) and he’s known at the shop (by me) as the “Crafty Diva” so you can imagine he’s pretty serious about his work. Somehow his addiction to flea markets has exceeded mine and you can usually find us out every Sunday, foraging for supplies.


Casey is just a southern gal who loves visitors at the shop (and head rubs, lots of head rubs!) She takes her role as door greeter very seriously, welcoming the customers with perfect manners and showing them around. She’ll try to answer any questions they may have but usually just wants to know if they have any cookies. Sometimes folks just come to see her! Of course she understands that if anyone is timid of dogs, she must be patient and wait behind the counter.

Our Shop

Located at 299 Parsonage Street Pittston, PA, Our shop is an extension of our home, we treat our customers like family and put pride (and lots of love) into the items we create.

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“To invent, you need a good imagination and pile of junk.”

Thomas Edison